About Me

I’m a young Orthodox Jewish girl with a Creative Writing degree, who went to trade school to become an automotive technician, despite knowing absolutely nothing about cars other than that they come in shiny colors and go vroom. I know slightly more now! But being a mechanic didn’t seem to satisfy me, so my life continues to be a lovely blend of crisis, panic, desperation, and resulting full moon rituals that may or may not involve the sacrificing of goats or virgins. You know, the usual.

This blog is here for people to follow my weird adventures as they unfold, as well as to see my twisty thoughts on various other topics — personal stuff, religious stuff, movies, TV, baseball, dating, whatever else strikes my fancy, plus whatever you guys request via the GoFundMe campaign I started to help me with my tuition costs: www.gofundme.com/sm-automotive.

As far as I’m concerned, the only justification for adding to the noise of the blogosphere or the fiction world is to make you laugh or to make you think. If I post something that does neither, then I have failed epically and you should feel free to spam me in the comments or tweet nasty things at me on twitter at FloatingSpirals – looking forward to hearing from you.



In case you’re curious, here’s a list of my publications:


Fiction (most of which is easily found on my Amazon author page)

Mistaken Identity, a novel in the anthology Nine Novels by Younger Americans, published in 2007, when I was 17.

“Cheaters Never Prosper,” a short story published in the December 2011 issue of eFiction magazine.

“Daddy’s Girl,” a short story that won both of Brooklyn College’s short story contests and was later published in the Spotlight anthology and as a Kindle Single.

“She and I,” a short story published as a Kindle Single and in the Something Beautiful anthology.

“Knowing,” a short story published in The Huffington Post.


Blog posts

Everything on this blog. I wrote it. Huzzah.

Guest posts here, here and here on The LoHud Yankees blog, the official Yankees blog of the Journal News. Also here.

Lots of posts on The Boylan Blog, the official English Department blog of Brooklyn College, on topics ranging from explaining kosher food, to questioning the scholarship money thrown my way, to what real feminism looks like in Young Adult literature, to my social experiments involving a fake engagement ring, to gaining the confidence to sing in public, to what it’s like to be a freak (with helpful graphs!). Check it out!


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I enjoyed your Jeter article. I recommend you find and read this book which is very relevant to you: Susan and her classic convertible by W E Butterworth.

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