#WaybackWednesday — “Stop.”

An old warning to myself to steer clear of toxic friendships and relationships. I’ll never be a poet but very occasionally I write poems.

Original post was a Facebook note on April 10th 2013, and it was also published on the Boylan Blog while I was interning for the English department at Brooklyn College.




“Hey, you — You actually left your house to see me!”

“Just needed to get some air; don’t feel special.”

“Don’t worry, you are very good at making me not feel special.”

“Oooh, burn!”


I laugh. You smile.

We talk



back and forth

familiar rhythm

I’m sure we look adorable

we always look adorable


that old married couple vibe

we give off

as a pair of 20-somethings

striding through the park

No one would ever guess

that you’re killing me

and I’m killing you


I match you insult for insult

smile for smile

and you do the same

stuck in this loop

eviscerating each other

with our laughing smiles

our barbed jokes

I hit every one of your weak spots

You hit every one of mine


And still, we laugh

and still, we smile

because it’s all we know

because we’re both too proud to say


I care.

You matter.

That hurts.






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