Happy Independence Week!

#WaybackWednesday – I repost this every year for Hanukkah. Chag Sameach, internet!

The Quarter-life Crisis Chronicles of SM Rosenberg


I realized recently that I don’t know what people know or don’t know about the story of Hanukkah. Not that I blame anybody for not knowing it. I almost feel like it would be illogical for me to expect people to know stuff about my holidays, when I don’t know anything about, say, Kwanzaa. Sure, you could say Hanukkah’s older and more mainstream than Kwanzaa, but there are plenty of Muslim holidays, or “Eids,” that I know nothing about which I’m sure have been around for centuries. So, without any uppity judgment about “How dare you not know the intricacies of my cultural heritage?!?!” I’d just like to take this opportunity to share some information that folks may or may not be familiar with regarding the holiday that we Jews are celebrating this week.

I think the most widespread factoid about the origin of Hanukkah is the “miracle of the…

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