REVIEW: The Newsroom — Season 1 Episode 4 — “I’ll Try To Fix You”

Another Newsroom episode, this one evidently named for a Coldplay song? Come on, show. I’ve been having one of the worst weeks in recent memory and I just want to be entertained. Can you do that for me? Please?

*show stubbornly does not answer*

Guess I’ll have to watch the episode, huh.



—   Okay, I really do like the opening sequence. The music is very pretty and nostalgic, to go along with the old-timey news pictures and newspeople in the montage.

—   Will is all dressed up for New Year’s! I predict we will see Sloan Sabbith in a really sexy dress at some point soon.

—   First Mac in her sexy dress.

—   DRAMARAMA Mac says her boyfriend has something newsy to talk to Will about. This will be…fun.

—   Wade is a lot prettier than Will. Is he less of a jerk, too? That would just mark him for doom. Well, he’s marked for doom anyway because Will and Mac are MEANT TO BE in Show Logic Land.

—   Dev Patel is being the supposedly adorable bumbling techie. Has he had any storylines at all yet? What’s his name again?

—   Maggie in a hot red dress. Blah, red dresses are so cliché. Hope someone is wearing not-red and not-black. It’ll probably be Sloan.

—   So instead of nameless Dev Patel character getting actual development, show gives him a hot chick as an accessory. Aw, that’s always thoughtful.

—   Maggie helping workaholic Jim in her red dress. Oh the UST. Just kiss already.

—   Don is on his way to kill the moment, but he gets waylaid by a hot girl. Maggie and Jim are getting all giggly, and he compliments her — I predict jealous Maggie-Don fight at some point soon.

—   Don wants to fix Maggie’s roommate up with Jim! Maggie looks fairly horrified. THIS WILL END WELL.

—   Maggie, if you’re this upset about Jim dating someone, maybe you’re, I don’t know…IN THE WRONG RELATIONSHIP? It’s not like she’s even in denial about how upset she is; she’s making it clear to absolutely everyone.

—   Back to Will and Mac. Fighting about Wade, surprise. Also something to do with Congress defunding the DOJ on fighting white collar crime? I have no clue what that part is about. The show doesn’t seem to care either, what with all the attention on the relationship drama.

—   BOOYA, I was right. Sloan Sabbith in a sexy not-red not-black dress. I am good.

—   And now they’re talking about how no one ever has fun on New Year’s Eve or at New Year’s Eve parties. Well, I beg to differ. My last New Year’s Party was pretty fabulous.

—   Oh, look, it’s Hope Davis. She’s probably gonna be a big part of the episode, because hello, it’s Hope Davis.

—   Will is a manwhore with a different woman every week but doesn’t know how to talk to one at a party? Seriously?

—   Ooh, she didn’t tell him she’s a gossip columnist. Juicy. I hope he gets himself in trouble…

—   Mac just called Will her boyfriend? A Freudian slip? SERIOUSLY? You guys haven’t been together in literally years.

—   I really don’t buy that Sloan is single at midnight. Maybe if we knew more about her, but GAH. No.

—   Now Will’s getting upset that the gossip columnist writes vicious gossip? To — gasp! — just be mean to people? Will, what PLANET are you from?

—   I do not like the dress she’s wearing, btw. Looks badly fitted and costume-y.

—   He’s telling her her line of work is WRONG, and that entertainment shouldn’t be about who had a kid when they were a teenager. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, WILL.

—   Good on her, tossing her drink in his face.

—   That whole Bigfoot joke needs to die. It just isn’t funny.

—   Page Six printed a slanderous account of Will groping the gossip columnist. Please let this have lasting consequences!

—   Now they’re doing a feature on Gun Control, taking super extreme quotes that no one ever took seriously in the first place — “OBAMA’S GONNA TAKE ALL YO GUNS!!!1!!” — and pointing out how super extreme and not worth taking seriously they are. Yawn.

—   Lisa’s nervous about her date with Jim, Maggie’s singing Jim’s praises. Would be fun if Jim and Lisa actually got together for real, but Show Logic Land will not allow that because Jim and Maggie are MEANT TO BE.

—   Will’s on a date with some lady who offers him a joint. That won’t end up on Page Six. Nope.

—   And now he’s gonna lecture her on gun control because she’s got a gun. STOP ON YOUR MISSION OF CIVILIZATION, WILL. NOBODY CARES.

—   So Sloan’s entire function on this show seems to be to set Will up with women. And look hot. Ugh ugh ugh.

—   Jim and Lisa are not going out again. Shocker.

—   Will’s new date likes Real Housewives. Oy.

—   And he called her a bitch. Great. And said it’s lucky she met him in time to change her bitchy ways. DRINK IN THE FACE, YO.

—   TWIST! Jim and Lisa DID hit it off, and he LIED about it!

—   WHY is News Night giving Rush Limbaugh attention? Nobody takes him seriously; you’re legitimizing him by arguing with him. Stop it.


—   So…all of this trashy gossip that’s being written about Will is just an elaborate conspiracy to have an excuse to get him fired? I’m sure that makes sense in Show Logic Land, but it’s weird.

—   Real News Event! The Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Apparently a lot of places were reporting her dead, but what with hindsight being 20/20, I know she’s not. Lookie lookie.

—   They hold off on reporting her dead because they’re a show written 2 years after the fact. Bravo, I’m so impressed.



Final Thoughts:


After last week’s politics-heavy episode, I guess this was supposed to be a break. So it was all relationship drama, very little politics or news. Can’t say I liked it any better. As you can see above, I don’t find the relationships compelling since the show is extremely obvious about who is meant to be with who and because I still don’t like any of them enough to get invested in their love lives.

This is another one of those episodes where the bad guys are just so obviously bad that there’s really nothing fun or interesting about watching them being taken down. Like I said in my very first post, Sorkin shows are much more engaging when the “bad” guys have a nuanced position that has reasonable arguments, even if we don’t agree with them. Very few people get demonized on The West Wing the way they do on The Newsroom on a weekly basis, and so the end result here feels more hollow.

Also, that running Bigfoot joke was given entirely too much attention throughout the entire episode, so points off for that.


Rating: 2.5/5


One thought on “REVIEW: The Newsroom — Season 1 Episode 4 — “I’ll Try To Fix You””

  1. Like I said, digging this style you came up with, it’s entertaining to read. No real spelling errors or anything like that in here, and a very fair score given your legitimate dislikes in the episode. I happen to agree that the drama-heaviness of the episode/mixed with a Coldplay song at the end is annoying. Good stuff!

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