Liveblogging Some Music I’ve Never Heard Before

Assigned for class! I’m not a big music listener — haven’t been since high school — so this should be interesting.


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros — Om Nashi Me


There’s a babbling brook in the background, like an instrument in itself. Interesting choice. I like it.

Now actual instruments. Pretty.

Words I don’t understand. But it all sounds very majestic. I think that’s a flute? I like it.

Okay, this is nice music to use for background noise. It’s long and repetitive and I’m not tempted to sing along because I don’t speak the language.



Fleet Foxes — Mykonos


Actual English words. I like the rhythm, feels like a song that wouldn’t be hard to memorize. Since I tend to use music that has utility to me, ie, that I can sing to in the shower, that’s definitely a plus.

It sounds like a soft indie music song that would end off an episode of House or Grey’s Anatomy. But I don’t think it would ever get covered on Glee. But who knows; that show steals from everything



The National — Conversation 16


Dark, atmospheric, sounds a bit techno.

It’s kind of dull, though. Not the kind of song I like to sing along to. Kind of draggy, melodically. I think that’s partially due to the lead singer. He sounds a little bored, not very expressive. Sort of monotone. Not blatantly so, but enough that it’s hard for me to focus on what he’s saying and it all kind of blends.

Now the song sounds like it’s about zombies? What?

Overall not catchy enough for my taste, but I can see why others, especially fans of piano driven music, would like it.


One thought on “Liveblogging Some Music I’ve Never Heard Before”

  1. This could’ve been a bit longer, and I wish I could’ve gotten more of your feelings towards the songs in there but I think I got the jest of it. I think for The National, the singing is purposely monotone, but if that’s not suited to your taste, that’s totally cool. Fleet Foxes is the clear favorite for me of the 3.

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